The Virtual Site Visit

The Virtual Site Visit

Context Productions provides a unique visual insight into a company’s key operational assets. Whether a mine, factory, plant or office the team delivers a multi package visual offering providing a fantastic insight into a company at highly cost effective levels.

The Virtual Site Visit does what is says in its name. A company’s operations are experienced virtually but importantly without incurring the prohibitive costs of taking people to site. Key management and personnel are all interviewed on the ground. The operations are depicted in an innovative fashion and enhanced by utilising state of the art digital graphics.

Utilised as a progressive investor relations tool, for governmental liaison or for general marketing purposes, the content and product supplied by Context Productions will provide visibility and differentiation in an ever competitive market place.

Importantly the production team understands the investment environment and ensures that the key company differentiators are emphasised and messaging is clear, concise and to the point.


Case Study

Below is an example of the embeddable content produced for Goldplat PLC. Each instance is styled in keeping with the clients brand and website styling to provide seamless integration while all hosting and maintenance is managed externally by Context Productions.